True or False? A Look at Kim Kardashian’s Rumored Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian has endlessly batted away plastic surgery rumors since she became an pop culture icon.

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It’s true her looks have changed a bit through the years, as she’s matured and grown into a successful business woman, marrying her love, Kanye West, and becoming a mom to daughter North, son Saint and new baby girl Chicago. But she’s long denied ever going under the knife.

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has documented her beauty and skincare routines on the show as well as social media, from diets, to workouts, to dermatology visits to her favorite doctors. Plastic surgery experts have weighed in with Radar and given their two cents on what Kardashian may or may not have had done, but she has just laughed off the nose job, butt implants and other plastic surgery claims.

Here are some before and after pics of the Kim Kardashian, highlighting specific areas of her gorgeous physique, so you can decide: Did she or didn’t she?

The Bum Deal

The one area of Kardashian’s body that probably gets the most attention is her well-rounded behind—an asset she most assuredly loves to display in all its glory. She has shot down reports of silicon butt implants again and again and famously proved that point on an episode of KUWTK when an X-ray showed there were indeed no implants.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: There is, however, a procedure called a Brazilian butt lift, in which fat is taken from another area of the body and injected into the buttocks for a curvier backside, and it’s rumored this is what the reality TV star did.

What she says: Kardashian maintains her larger buttocks is due to having been pregnant twice and cortisone injections for psoriasis symptoms.

Bottom line (no pun intended): Kardashian’s sexy backside is still pretty amazing and is one of her signature assets. So what do you think, did she have some help?

Waistline’s Slimmer, No?

After giving birth to two children, Kardashian was reportedly eager to get her body back into shape fast by using diet, exercise—and maybe a little more.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: A source told Radar, “Kim has been using this brand-new procedure that basically injects heat into fat cells so that they are destroyed. She has lost a majority of her weight with this and with another injection therapy called Mesotherapy.” According to, “This is a process of injecting natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and homeopathic substances, or medications that can address the various contributing causes and thereby reduce cellulite. The series of tiny injections are placed intracutaneously, just under the surface of the skin.”

What she says: Kardashian has been open about skin-tightening procedures. She shared herself getting a “non-evasive” tummy tuck from her cosmetics dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourion on Snapchat in 2016. She snapped, “You guys I’m at Dr. Ourian’s—skin tightening,” adding a hashtag in the caption that read, “#hatehimnowlovehimlater.”

Bottom line: Kardashian rocks the hour-glass figure like it’s nobody’s business, but is it just chalked up to diet, skin tightening and a great workout routine or something else?

Possible Boob Job(s)

While no one ever would call Kardashian flat-chested in any universe, there has been a difference in size as she’s gotten older. This could also have something to do with having kids, but there are those pesky boob-job rumors.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: A Kim K insider revealed to Radar, “There’s a new injectable filler similar to Restylane that’s designed for body shaping. Kim uses it on her boobs and butt. It’s the reason why her breasts are so full right now…”

What she says: While the reality star hasn’t said anything specific about her breasts, she did once warn sister Khloé Kardashian not to get breast implants. Kim said on a 2016 episode of KUWTK. “I think Khloé doesn’t get how hard it is to workout when you really have big boobs bouncing around everywhere.” Yeah, that must be awful. Also, Kim had a laser treatment to remove stretch marks from her breasts (after kids).

Bottom line: Her cleavage continues to impress. Did she have any enhancements or is it just motherhood?

A Nose Tweak

Kim Kardashian’s nose definitely looks different in these before and after pics, slimmer and more refined, so naturally people question whether she’d had rhinoplasty.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Zara Harutyunyan of L.A.’s Cosmetic Rejuvenation—who also has not worked on Kim K—told Radar, “Overall, I suspect Kim has had a rhinoplasty to make her nose slimmer and the tip more pointy.”

What she says: Kardashian told Wonderland magazine in 2016, “People think I’ve had my nose done. I haven’t. I used to hate this bump on my nose. Hated it. Now I love that it makes me look more ethnic.” She does, however, understand where all the speculation might come from because she, too, thinks her nose looks smaller. Her answer? “Maybe it’s the contour I use.” That’s definitely one way to look at it.

Bottom line: Her nose does fit symmetrically with the face, so is it all about contouring or was it just a flawless nose job?

Fill Those Cheeks and Smooth Those Brows

The KUWTK star’s face has seemed a little fuller and more rounded in the last few years, sparking talk she has had fillers to give her face more definition and bring out those cheekbones.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Anthony Youn—prestigious plastic surgeon and founder of Youn Plastic Surgery (who also has not treated Kardashian)—told Radar, “I believe she’s undergone Botox injections to smooth the wrinkles of her forehead and her frown lines. Although I doubt she’s had a surgical brow lift, she looks like she’s had a Botox brow lift, where Botox is injected in a pattern to raise and arch the brows.”

What she says: The reality TV mogul has documented at least one Botox session in 2010 on KUWTK and has said she doesn’t consider Botox plastic surgery.

Bottom line: Botox isn’t like going under the knife, so she has a point. Was it more than that, though?

Keeping the Jawline and Chin Streamlined

Along with giving her cheeks a boost, the mom of three’s jawline and chin are also noticeably more angular.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Harutyunyan told Radar, “It looks like she’s had a chin augmentation using dermal fillers such as Radiesse, or Voluma. Kim is also most likely doing skin tightening procedures such as Ultherapy which is a nonsurgical face and neck lift…I suspect she has had Botox injections into her Masseter muscles, a very effective way to contour the jawline by reducing the masseter shadow through the outer jaw skin.”

What she says: The cosmetics mogul hasn’t said anything directly, but a source told OK! “She’s hated her ‘long’ face forever and has been slowly altering it over time, but she’s thrilled with her new jaw, which makes her cheekbones look more prominent.”

Bottom line: Makeup contouring or something more?

Plump Up Those Lips While You’re At It!

Much like her baby sister, Kylie Jenner, who has a whole cosmetic lip line, Kardashian loves to have a plump kisser and has definitely worked at it over the years.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Youn commented to Radar, “Her lips appear to have been plumped with fillers, although she doesn’t sport the ‘trout pout‘ of some other reality stars.”

What she says: The selife queen also knows a good product when she sees it. In an Instagram post, she hyped Rodial Dragon’s Blood lip masks as a fairly inexpensive way to get fuller lips. “Thank you @rodialskincare @mrsrodial for the Rodial Dragons Blood Lip Masks, I love them.”

Bottom line: No, it’s not real dragon’s blood, but that would be hella cool, amirite?

Getting Rid of Those Baby Hairs

It also looks like Kardashian has gotten rid of those fine baby hairs around her hairline.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: How is it done? “The lasering process typically takes six sessions (more if the hair follicle is thicker) and each session is staggered between two and four weeks. The procedure itself is painless and done without any anaesthetic or painkiller,” said an expert.

What she says: The pop-culture princess fully admits to having permanently removed her baby hairs—and actually regrets doing it. On her website, she wrote in 2016, “I lasered my baby hairs off years ago, because my forehead had all these little baby hairs, and I would always break out because of them,” she said. “I also lasered my neck because I had such a hairy neck. Every photographer would photoshop them out anyway, and I thought I looked better without the baby hairs, but now I miss them. I think they look youthful! So ladies, you can always laser your hairline, but I miss mine,”

Bottom line: She misses them, but what do you think, better with or without?

Cure for Wrinkled Hands?

Oh, and there’s one more thing Kardashian wants fixed—she thinks her hands are too wrinkly. On an KUWTK episode last year, Kardashian and her bestie, Jonathan Cheban, visited Dr. Ourian’s office, and she sort of half-jokingly asked if something could be done to smooth out her hands.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: There is a non-evasive resurfacing procedure that can smooth hands and reduce pigment age spots, so it’s technically possible to do it. Read here for more information about it.

Bottom line: Kardashian is not be quite at that point of needing to make her hands look younger (since she’s still young herself), but should she hold onto that information for the future?

Let us know your two cents on whether Kim K has had plastic surgery or not in the comments below!

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The Ultimate Guide: 67 Celebrity Snapchats You Have to Follow Right Now

Life would be a little dull on social media without celebrities and their 24/7 posts. Just one click and suddenly fans can find themselves immersed in their amazing lives. While you’ve got permanent feeds and heavy image crafting on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat—with its fleeting, impermanent posts (posts disappear after 24 hours unless saved)—allows Hollywood’s A-listers to feel a little less inhibited with what they share.

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We’ve all seen the short 60-second videos with hilarious dog-faced and pretty-flowers-in-your-hair Snapchat filters, and the best part is that those are just the tip of the fun iceberg. Add cute pics of their kids, glimpses of their fabulous vacations, workout videos, snippets of their new music, and behind-the-scenes moments and you have an enhanced celebrity Snapchat experience. But what celebrities on Snapchat are the most worthy of following?

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In this ultimate guide to the celebrity Snapchat usernames you should be following, we’ve categorized them so it’s easy to see that there’s truly something for everyone. There are the trendsetters such as Hailey Baldwin and Gal Gadot, and the pop stars like Justin Bieber and Bella Thorne. There are the music makers such as DJ Khaled and Halsey, and dope athletes like Neymar and Lewis Hamilton. And don’t forget the Kardashian-Jenners and Hadids, who continue to provide oodles of entertainment.

Without further ado, here are 67 celebrity Snapchatters to snap up:


These celebrity snapchats are lit, from photo shoots to red carpets and more!

1. Bella Hadid
Snapchat username: babybels777
Why follow? What a life Hadid leads.
Here’s a snippet: Need proof?  Bella Hadid woke up this way—lounging in bed and drinking coffee…in cat ears and glasses. Come on!

2. Hailey Baldwin
Snapchat username: haileybisboring
Why follow? Because the lovely model is just so coooool.
Here’s a snippet: How about that time Hailey Baldwin Snapchatted a video of herself getting a vitamin shot in her booty. She handled it like a pro but day-um, that’s dedication.

3. Gigi Hadid
Snapchat username: itsgigihadid
Why follow? Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik are too sexy for words.
Here’s a snippet: Here’s a pic to emphasize just how gorgeous they are. These two kids are going to deadass make beautiful babies together (if they make it to that point, that is).

4. Gal Gadot
Snapchat username: therealgalgadot
Why follow? This Wonder Woman has such a zest for life.
Here’s a snippet: Gal Gadot‘s coverage of the Wonder Woman red carpet premiere was totally lit, so yeah, expect more of that.


Following these gorgeous women will undoubtedly give you the perfect eye candy fix for the day.

5. Lily Aldridge
Snapchat username: lilymaud
Why follow? Because Lily Alridge has a fresh, breezy style to her beauty.
Here’s a snippet: She’ll give you BTS moments from her Victoria’s Secret shows, and who doesn’t want that?

6. Stella Maxwell
Snapchat username: stellamaxwell
Why follow? The model is stunning, sexy and loves her dog.
Here’s a snippet: While her Snapchat is filled with all those amazing Victoria’s Secret moments, she also uses her puppy dog filters to great effect.

7. Coco Rocha
Snapchat username: cocorocha
Why follow? Coco’s dark, smoldering looks are kinda mesmerizing.
Here’s a snippet: Her behind-the-scenes fashion moments are the bomb, like this snap of Rocha, dancing to Prince at a Balmain photo shoot, looking a little like David Bowie.

8. Chanel Iman
Snapchat username: cigotcha
Why follow? This beauty rocks a swimsuit with the best of them.
Here’s a snippet: Watching Iman enjoying an amazing vacation is worth it. Take a look!

9. Ashley Graham
Snapchat username: theashleygraham
Why follow? Ashley Graham  has too much damn fun.
Here’s a snippet: The buxom beauty loves flaunting her bikini bod in all kinds of ways, and in many gorgeous locales.

10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Snapchat username: rosiehw  
Why follow? You can’t get any cooler than this blonde. Plus, there’s gotta be lots of Jason Statham!
Here’s a snippet: She’s a bit of a foodie, so you’ll get to see all the things she eats, including *gasp* a doughnut!

11. Emily Ratajkowski
Snapchat username: emrata
Why follow? Hello, have you seen Emily Ratajkowski?
Here’s a snippet: Ratajkowski is not shy about showing off her amazing body, in various forms of undress, so have fun!


There are a few celebrity Snapchat accounts you just know are going to be a little different from the rest—and that’s every reason in the world to follow them.

12. Jared Leto
Snapchat username: JaredLeto
Why follow? Jared Leto gives you philosophical glimpses at his rad rocker life.
Here’s a snippet: This chill dude isn’t afraid to use a filter or two. Hands down, the best part of Snapchat.

13. Cara Delevingne
Snapchat username: caradevilqueen
Why follow? Cara Delevingne knows she’s beautiful but couldn’t give two licks about it.
Here’s a snippet: The model/actress really loves goofing around, silly faces and using those fun Snapchat filters to alter her appearance.

14. Jaden Smith
Snapchat username: thecoolest 
Why follow? The kid legit hates rules; anything is possible.
Here’s a snippet: Jaden Smith has a certain style to his madness, including his burgeoning music career!

15. Miley Cyrus
Snapchat username: mileycyrus
Why follow? Miley Cyrus‘ craziness keeps you on your toes.
Here’s a snippet: Her affinity for sticking her tongue out and snarling certainly will be highlights.


Your Snapchat ritual would not be complete without the gaggle of Kardashians and Jenners in your feed. Seriously, they are all too good not to follow.

16. Kourtney Kardashian
Snapchat username: kourtneykardash
Why follow? Kourtney Kardashian workout vids are insane.
Here’s a snippet: So many slices of sisterly bonding, like videos of her working out with her pregnant sister, Khloè.

17. Kim Kardashian
Snapchat username: kimkardashian
Why follow? Because Kim Kardashian never stops sharing.
Here’s a snippet: Take New Year’s Eve, for example. Here the queen of selfies caught a smooch from her husband, Kanye West, at what looks like an amazing party!

18. Kendall Jenner
Snapchat username: kendalljenner
Why follow? Kendall Jenner does the best kissy face of them all.
Here’s a snippet: And just look at that face!

19. Khloè Kardashian
Snapchat username: khloekardashian
Why follow? Since Khloe Kardashian jumped aboard the family baby train, you can’t keep us away.
Here’s a snippet: Well, we get all the cute baby bump moments and her excitement at becoming a first-time mom.

20. Rob Kardashian
Snapchat username: RobPhuckedMe
Why follow? Because you have no idea what Rob Kardashian is going to post next.
Here’s a snippet: Now that the drama has paused with his ex, Blac Chyna, he’s just focused on his adorable daughter, Dream.

21. Kylie Jenner
Snapchat username: KylizzleMyNizzl
Why follow? Whether it’s motherhood or selling lip products, you know Kylie Jenner will keep it sexy.
Here’s a snippet: Same as Khloè. All. Those. Baby. Snaps.


Most of these celebs are major stars on social media, so adding their Snapchat codes to your stories just makes sense.

22. Paris Hilton
Snapchat username: Realparishilton
Why follow? Paris Hilton is a little older and wiser, but still lives that glam life.
Here’s a snippet: And we also love to keep up with her love life!

23. Justin Bieber
Snapchat username: RickTheSizzler
Why follow? Justin Bieber catches all the right feels and snaps away.
Here’s a snippet: Biebs is also pretty hilarious when he feels inclined…check out this Snap-vid.

24. Ashley Benson
Snapchat username: benzo33
Why follow? Ashley Benson is just the prettiest little liar on Snapchat.
Here’s a snippet: If you miss her and her Pretty Little Liar co-stars, then you can catch up with them on Benson’s Snapchat.

25. Demi Lovato
Snapchat username: theddlovato 
Why follow? The singer “promises to make your life better.” Thanks, Demi Lovato!
Here’s a snippet: Expect candid moments, no-makeup snaps and filters, filters, filters!

26. Ariana Grande
Snapchat username: moonlightbae 
Why follow? Ariana Grande likes to pour her heart out and connect with her fans.
Here’s a snippet: The singer is using the app to really let us in with her daily Snapchat vlogs, featuring boyfriend Mac Miller!

27. Bella Thorne
Snapchat username: bellathornedab
Why follow? Hey, Bella Thorne is living her best young self, and we are just along for the ride.
Here’s a snippet: The actress Snapchatted her first-ever bikini wax and who doesn’t want to see more of that?

28. Selena Gomez
Snapchat username: SelenaGomez
Why follow? Selena Gomez likes to keep it real. Plus, there could be new Jelena sightings!
Here’s a snippet: Even if she wants “some alone time,” Gomez grabs your heart with her soulful snaps.


Here are the next generation of savvy Snapchat stars, and they’re crushing it.

29. Zendaya
Snapchat username: zendaya_96
Why follow? Zendaya is incredibly beautiful and down to earth.
Here’s a snippet: Her Snapchat video while doing press for The Greatest Showman is kinda awesome.

30. Millie Bobby Brown
Snapchat username: Milliebbrown
Why follow? You want to see what this Stranger Things star is going to do next.
Here’s a snippet: Brown being a typical teenager is pretty much the best, like when she found out she got nominated for a SAG Award.

31. Chloe Grace Moretz
Snapchat username: The5thWave
Why follow? There are tons of pics of Chloe Grace Moretz and her legit starlet life.
Here’s a snippet: Then there’s her on-again cute boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham. You can live vicariously through their young love.

32. Hailee Steinfeld
Snapchat username: haiz
Why follow? You know you’re going to get some Pitch Perfect moments.
Here’s a snippet: Just like, hanging with Hailee Steinfeld for the day, making a burrito with avocado and then going for a hike.

33. Ariel Winter
Snapchat username: winter.ariel
Why follow? The Modern Family star just loves showing off some skin.
Here’s a snippet: Like a lot of skin…check out this Snapchat video to see what we mean.


Then there are those times you just want to giggle, so hook up these Snapchat codes and laugh your butt off.

34. Dwayne Johnson
Snapchat username: therock 
Why follow? The Rock is just about the most inspirational, hardworking celebrity there is but loves to have fun.
Here’s a snippet: Johnson and his Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle co-star Kevin Hart (see below) should promote every movie together.

35. Kevin Hart
Snapchat username: lilswag79 
Why follow? Because not only is he hysterical with The Rock and others, Kevin Hart also the sweetest dad to his kids. Sooo cute!
Here’s a snippet: Seriously, in this Snapchat video, he just has us rolling on the floor over his “dad life.”

36. Ellen DeGeneres
Snapchat username: Ellen 
Why follow? The talk show host will crack you up and maybe give you some free stuff.
Here’s a snippet: You can watch Ellen DeGeneres read a phone book and laugh your ass off… but here she’s trying on Snapchat Spectacles and having a blast.

37. Chris Pratt
Snapchat username: chrisprattsnap
Why follow? Chris Pratt‘s behind-the-scenes commentaries are the best.
Here’s a snippet: Oh, PrattPratt. At an InStyle photo shoot, the actor just can’t quite get the words right.

38. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Snapchat username: arnoldschnitzel
Why follow? Arnold Schwarzenergger is on Snapchat. Enough said.
Here’s a snippet: Okay, Ah-nold showing us a view of L.A., saying “Get to the chopper!” gives you a purpose in life.

39. Anna Kendrick
Snapchat username: AnnaKendrick47x
Why follow? The actress spills tea about herself like it’s nobody’s business.
Here’s a snippet: Apparently, Anna Kendrick does not like a certain thing they do on #MasterChef.


Who doesn’t want to follow these fetching women and their fun-filled MomSnaps?

40. Blake Lively
Snapchat username: livelybk
Why follow? There’s her handsome husband, Ryan Reynolds, baked goods and Lively’s incredible fashion sense.
Here’s a snippet: Speaking of baked goods, Blake Lively snapped this pic of a, well, oddly decorated cake.

41. Miranda Kerr
Snapchat username: mirandakerr
Why follow? You know you envy this Australian model lush life.
Here’s a snippet: There’s also a little behind-the-scenes of Miranda Kerr on photo shoots—and makeup tips!

42. Kate Hudson
Snapchat username: khudsnaps
Why follow? Kate Hudson has way too much fun with filters.
Here’s a snippet: Did we mention filters? Pretty sure we did…and dancing donkeys.

43. Gisele Bündchen
Snapchat username: giseleoficial 
Why follow? Just a little jelly of this Gisele Bündchen and her awesome life.
Here’s a snippet: Not only is she married to NFL quarterback Tom Brady and has two gorgeous kids, but hearing the Brazilian beauty speak and sing in her native Portuguese is almost too much!

44. Amber Rose
Snapchat username: reallyamberrose
Why follow? Along with all the sexy glam shots, Amber Rose also sprinkles in the cutest vids of her son, Sebastian.
Here’s a snippet: Like any mother, she loves turning the camera on Bash…check out this Snapchat compilation.

45. Chrissy Teigen
Snapchat username: chrissyteigen
Why follow? Not only does Chrissy Teigen have the sweetest life with husband John Legend, toddler daughter Luna (and another baby on the way), but she pokes fun at it, too.
Here’s a snippet: Teigen loves Snapchatting food, especially when it’s eating bananas with Luna.


Your friends list will not be complete without some of your favorite athlete Snapchatters.

46. Lebron James
Snapchat username: officiallbjames
Why follow? Because it’s LeBron freaking James, that’s why!
Here’s a snippet: The NBA legend rocking and working out at the gym is pure gold.

47. Lewis Hamilton
Snapchat username: lewishamilton
Why follow? The outspoken Formula 1 racing superstar can be unpredictable.
Here’s a snippet: Lewis Hamilton also loves traveling around for races, flying private jets and meeting his fans.

48. Paige VanZant
Snapchat username: paigevanzantufc
Why follow? The UFC golden girl is fierce in the ring, but she’s also just a girl.
Here’s a snippet: Like when she dressed up as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Wowza!

49. Anthony Joshua
Snapchat username: AJBoxing
Why follow? The heavyweight boxing champ posts kick-ass training vids.
Here’s a snippet: Joshua just looks so smooth in the ring.

50. Nate Diaz
Snapchat username: natediaz209
Why follow? This former UFC beast is just way hardcore. So is his brother, Nick.
Here’s a snippet: Nate is prone to flashing gang signs, middle fingers and a serious attempt to keep you woke.

51. Neymar
Snapchat username: neymarjr
Why follow? The Barcelona soccer star’s lavish lifestyle is too much to pass up.
Here’s a snippet: Even a hot footballer like Neymar plays it up with filters.


Ah, the Snap-divas. These are definitely a few you want to follow for the pure entertainment of it all!

52. Madonna
Snapchat username: Madonna
Why follow? Madonna is likely to post snippets of her music vids.
Here’s a snippet: Or look totally cool eating a banana, like in this vid right here.

53. Nicki Minaj
Snapchat username: nickimina
Why follow? Nicki Minaj is gonna say it like it is, so don’t piss her off.
Here’s a snippet: Apparently The Barbz’s phone number was leaked, and Minaj was none too happy about it.

54. Lady Gaga
Snapchat username: ladygaga
Why follow? Lady Gaga gives you great peeks behind the scenes.
Here’s a snippet: You gonna love the way she walks…watch!

55. Jennifer Lopez
Snapchat username: JLobtsJLobts
Why follow? Just waiting for Jennifer Lopez to post J-Rod pics, naturally.
Here’s a snippet: Take a look at J.Lo walking with her man, Alex Rodriguez, on the tarmac, heading to Chicago.

56. Rihanna
Snapchat username: Rihanna
Why follow? Rihanna loves to show off her makeup tips—and everything else.
Here’s a snippet: Like this snap, which we’ll chalk up to a little TMI.


What an excellent opportunity to add Snapcodes for some of today’s hottest music stars and get previews of their new stuff!

57. Diplo
Snapchat username: diplo3000
Why follow? The DJ’s jetset lifestyle is irresistable.
Here’s a snippet: Diplo is here mixing it up in Ibiza, as you do.

58. DJ Khaled
Snapchat username: djkhaled305
Why follow? He gets some pretty great superstar cameos
Here’s a snippet: That time Jay Z showed up in one of Khaled‘s Snap videos for a little “mogul talk”!

59. Snoop Dogg
Snapchat username: snoopdogg213
Why follow? You’ll be woke to Snoop’s 420 snaps.
Here’s a snippet: Snoop Dogg is just superfly on the road in Arizona…check it out!

60. Halsey
Snapchat username: halseysnaps 
Why follow? You’ll kind of covet everything the candid singer snaps.
Here’s a snippet: A smattering of Halsey day-in-the-life moments, including having to sign 700 copies of her album by hand!

61. Jason Derulo
Snapchat username: derulo_jason
Why follow? The singer is sexy AF but also has a soft underbelly.
Here’s a snippet: Derulo was so sweet meeting his fans in this Snapchat video.

62. Calvin Harris
Snapchat username: CalvinHarris
Why follow? The DJ is a little nuts on Snapchat, and it’s awesome.
Here’s a snippet: That time Harris wore octopus fingers to a fancy dinner party.


Lastly, there are those handsome young men to add some spice to your Snapchat life.

63. John Boyega
Snapchat username: Jboyega
Why follow? The actor might slip in a few Star Wars deets.
Here’s a snippet: Or John Boyega might try to sing a little, with some cool shades on, like in this Snap vid.

64. Nick Jonas
Snapchat username: JickNonas
Why follow? Between workout vids, silly filters and Nick Jonas just looking too cute, you’ll be hooked.
Here’s a snippet: Yep, you can definitely watch Jonas workout all day long.

65. Niall Horan
Snapchat username: niallhoran
Why follow? The former One Direction singer knows how to have a good time with the app.
Here’s a snippet: Check out Niall Horan Snapchat story. You can thank us later.

66. Zac Efron
Snapchat username: zacefron87
Why follow? You totally want to go BTS with Zac Efron.
Here’s a snippet: After watching this, you’ll never eat dragonfruit the same way again, if, like, at all.

67. Dylan O’Brien
Snapchat username: obdylan
Why follow? Honestly? Just to stare at him.
Here’s a snippet: Best Dylan O’Brien pickup line. Be still our hearts.

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The explosive meltdown between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna hits home on Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and has a special sneak peek!

As fans know, baby Dream’s parents are embroiled in a massive legal battle, with Chyna accusing the Kardashian clan of sabotaging the second season of Rob & Chyna.

On the next KUWTK, sisters Kim and Khloe discuss the feud.

“Did you see how I just like went off on Rob in our group text? I couldn’t take it,” Kim tells Khloe.

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“Listen, there’s a plus and a minus. One of the plus of all this there’s no way Rob and Chyna could get back together after this, right? Let’s focus on the positive,” Khloe replies. “The negative is all of this other s**t right now.”

“The negative is just that like as Rob having sisters, he should just know better. He should have just like controlled himself,” Kim adds.

Later, in her confessional, Khloe went into more detail.

“So Rob and Chyna have officially broken up, but they obviously still have to communicate for the custody of Dream,” she explained. “They’re still having a hard time getting along. The legal battle that has been going on between the two of them has been super frustrating. I feel like this is escalating to a place that none of us could have ever imagined.”

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As the war goes on, it’s clearly taking a toll on the entire family.

“But it just sucks, like he’s made out to be this bad guy when she’s taunting him,” Khloe told Kim. “Like love makes you do f**ked up things. You think anyone’s proud of that? No. You don’t f**k with someone’s heart and emotions.”

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Kashing In On Kids! Kardashians Take Financial Meeting To Talk Branding New Babies

With six grandchildren and three more on the way, the Kar-Jenner’s are going through a series of major meetings in order to set up a game plan on how they’ll cash in on all the kids, has learned exclusively!

“The family had a meeting to game plan for what they’re doing financially with the new babies on the way,” a source revealed. The famous family put their heads together to figure out “how they’re going to brand the children.”

The big question is whether they should create separate brands or a group brand.

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Kris said they’ve been in it together since day one so she thinks it’s a good idea to combine the kids,” meaning “one brand for all product lines.”

Kylie, who is pregnant with Travis Scott‘s baby, “doesn’t want territories to be crossed,” says the insider, as the makeup guru “has been annoyed that her makeup line has been linked with Kim’s, so she expressed that she thinks they need to be clear on the categories.”

As for Khloe, who is currently carrying pro baller boyfriend Tristan Thompson‘s child, initially didn’t want her baby involved.

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But per usual, Kris “basically guilt-tripped” Khloe saying “how she could do that to her child — this is their legacy!”

Meanwhile, the only brother of the family has been snubbed. “Rob has been upset his daughter Dream isn’t a part of it.”

“The family has told him they don’t think it’s fair for Chyna to have a piece of pie.”

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Reality Check! Kris Ready To ‘Pay Off’ Blac Chyna To Drop Revenge Lawsuit, Source Says

Former reality star Blac Chyna filed a lawsuit against ex Rob Kardashian and his entire famous family on Tuesday, claiming that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan caused irreparable damage to her career following their nasty split. But don’t expect a nasty courtroom battle, as has exclusively learned from a source that momager Kris Jenner, 61, wants to ‘pay off’ Chyna to go away and drop the suit! Click through seven photos inside the shocking allegations that could make Dream’s mom even more millions!

‘KUWTK’ 10 Year Anniversary: Inside The Family’s Most Painful & Shocking Secrets

It’s been a decade since Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired on E! and for the first time in a very long time, the entire famous family came together for last night’s 10 Year Anniversary Special and were grilled by executive producer Ryan Seacrest on their most shocking secrets – past and present!

The hour and half episode featured matriarch Kris Jenner, 61, with daughter’s Kim Kardashian, 36, Kourtney Kardashian, 38, and Khloe Kardashian, 33, as well as Kendall, 21, and Kylie Jenner, 20. Although Caitlyn Jenner, 67, Rob Kardashian, 33, and Kim’s hubby Kanye West, 39, were not present, one of the most shocking moments occurred when Scott Disick came out to reveal that he was still very much in love with three-time baby-mama Kourtney despite the fact that both are currently linked to other people!

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The show started off with momager Kris sitting down with Seacrest to tell the story of how it all began a decade ago. At the time the family were not known at all, except for their affiliation to O.J. Simpson’s “Dream Team” lawyer, late Robert Kardashian. After Kim Kardashian comes out to sit alongside her mother, Seacrest shared a never-seen-before tape that was shown to execs at E! that landed them the deal, starring none other than Kim, who said that she “loved” her job as a “personal shopper to celebrities!”

Although Kim said that, in the beginning, everyday was “shade room” at the house they all shared, they worked 18 hour days with no break. After she revealed that they do not actually watch their own reality show, Kim teared up when she told fans that her greatest accomplishment was “the family empire and how we all worked so hard. That just makes me so proud.”

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The cameras then flashed to Kourtney and Khloe, who both looked stunning as they sipped on ritzy champagne! Seacrest then played a compilation clip of Khloe’s shocking body transformation, which started off with her slamming her own weight!

“I have always been known as the fat sister,” she says before it turns to a clip of Khloe yelling at Kris. “You make me feel like a piece of shit because of my weight!” The now girlfriend of NBA star Tristan Thompson has since lost a ton of weight and launched a spin-off show, Revenge Body, in addition to her own line of plus-sized denim jeans. I feel empowered about how I feel now. I never thought I was fat myself. Everyone just told me I was fat. It’s taken me years to put myself first.”

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When she was asked about Thompson, she said that her relationship is a “level five out of six” and that she loves spending most of her free time with her man in Cleveland, Ohio… Kim chimed in saying, “It’s like half her time” before Khloe snaps back at Kim and said, “Get to know me!” Kris tried her best to end the obvious tension and said, “Kim this is Khloe. Khloe this is Kim.”

One of the most shocking points on the anniversary special came when Kourtney was asked about her relationship with estranged ex and baby-daddy, Disick, 34!

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“We are co-parenting and just trying to get along. We are definitely psychotic. Since we’ve broken up the last time almost two years ago, we have never been back together. People think that we have but we haven’t,” Kourtney told Seacrest, who then asked her, “How would you feel if he fell in love with another woman, or how would he feel if you fell in love with another man?”

Kourtney, who has been dating younger model Younes Bendjima, 24, answered Seacrest by saying, “I don’t know.” Then Disick came out and sat right next to Kourtney, putting his arm around her!

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“I just want everyone to know that we are just co-parenting, but I still try to f**k her once a week,” Disick said sarcastically. Then things turned very serious and Seacrest asked the former couple, “Is there a chance it could ever go back to the way it was?

“I don’t know. The debauchery that has gone on has closed the door several billion times,” Kourtney said. But Disick got real and told the audience, “I’m dying over here. We have a beautiful relationship and are able to travel with my family. I will always love her she is the only person I have ever loved.”

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Disick – who has been caught spending time with nineteen-year-old Sofia Richie as of late – added, “I don’t think that anyone has any doubt that I love her” before getting on one knee and asked Kourtney “But do you know?” The audience, and family, gasped thinking that Disick was going to propose as it cut to commercial. After the break, Disick stood up revealing that it was just a joke. Clearly, it was also a way to get viewers to stay tuned!

Another shocking moment came when Kim said that when she became pregnant with daughter North, 4, she was told by doctors that it was a miscarriage because they could not find a heartbeat. Obviously, that ended up being a wrong assessment. Then Kim dropped another bomb, which was the biggest of them all!

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Seacrest told Kim that producers made a montage of Kanye and Kim’s relationship. When he asked her how long their friendship had been going on before things got serious, Kim said, “We’ve been friends since 2002. He was doing a video shoot with an artist I was friends with.”

“It changed right before I get married to Kris Humphries,” Kim said before finally coming clean that things between her and Kanye may have turned romantic while she was still married to Kris Humphries. “It took me marrying Kris to learn what I really wanted. After our divorce, I went to Paris to Kanye’s fashion show and fell in love with him instantly!”

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After Kim’s bombshell confession, Seacrest brought out Kendall and Kylie. When asked about the rumors suggesting that there was animosity between them, Kylie said, “I couldn’t imagine doing all of this without Kendall. I don’t know what I would do without her. I feel like we have all grown up in twos.”

The show ended with Seacrest asking each one of them to relive their most painful time filming KUWTK!

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Kris shared that her most painful day has been when it set in that her husband of over 20 years, Bruce Jenner, finished his transition into Caitlyn, telling Seacrest, “Even the cameramen were crying when I broke down crying.”

But Caitlyn’s transition wasn’t only the hardest day of filming for Kris, as Khloe and Kylie also shared that it was a tough time. As Kris looked down, Kylie stood up for Caitlyn, saying, “I am so happy that my dad is living her true self. She did it at the right time and she waited until Kendall and I were older. I think it all happened at the right time.”

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Kim revealed her most painful experience was (shockingly) not her Paris robbery. Instead, the internet-breaking beauty revealed that the hardest episode to film for her was when she had to talk about the pain she caused Kourtney in high school!

“Kourtney had naked photos taken and I had them in my purse. However, my purse was stolen and in the photos, Kourtney was underage. I remember crying and was so upset. But then the FBI got involved and it because this huge situation.”

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All in all, the KUWTK revealed that, even after a decade, they remain much closer that fans think and insist that they have a family group chat that has never ended. Khloe added that their chat even includes estranged brother Rob who is “doing good” according to his sisters.

Do you think that Keeping up with the Kardashians will last another decade? Sound off in the comments below.

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