Too Busy For Baby? Kylie Obsessed With Body & Business After Stormi’s Birth

New mom Kylie Jenner wasn’t keeping up with anyone while pregnant with newborn baby daughter Stormi — not even her millions of adoring fans! But now that Jenner has finally given birth, a source close to the Kardashian clan told “Kylie cannot wait to get her old life and hot body back!

“She wants to go back to the days when she took endless sexy selfies while making millions in makeup sales,” a source close to the KUWTK clan said.

As fans know, the selfies ceased and Jenner went MIA after she gained weight during her pregnancy with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, 25.

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According to the source, Jenner is “more than ready” to bring sexy back!

“Kylie is so focused and obsessed with getting her body back in shape,” the insider said. “She feels hideous and also feels like she let all of her fans down.”

Number two on her priority list is Kylie Cosmetics and she has been meeting with her team non-stop to create new ideas to market the brand,” the source said. “She is super involved again, which is actually quite healthy for her.”

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Although Jenner revealed she “can’t stop staring” at her newborn over Twitter, an insider says, she’s not without challenges as a new mom.

“She seriously has this fear associated with not being the best mom and she is terrified of failing at it, the insider said. “Whenever Stormi won’t stop crying or she throws up, Kylie overreacts like it is the end of the world!”

Do you think Jenner is a good mom? Tell us in the comments!

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Travis Scott Breaks Silence On Baby Amid Bad Dad Claims

Travis Scott is finally breaking his silence after coming under fire for being a “bad dad.” 

Scott, 25, was caught on camera over the weekend when a paparazzo asked him: “How’s Stormi?” in which he replied “Our baby is beautiful!”

The sweet admission comes on heels of reported that the rapper hasnt been there for the baby since Kylie Jenner gave birth on February 1, 2018.

But as previously reported exclusively, the reality star recently struck a deal with her baby daddy in order to get him to play a bigger role in Stormi‘s life.

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Scott was seriously slacking in the fatherhood department but sources told Radar he’s since stepped up his game after the new mother convinced him to take on more fatherly duties as long as she sticks to his rules — no filming and no family!

“He won’t tolerate the KUWTK cameras being anywhere near him, and Kylie’s been warned to keep her mom Kris and meddling sisters far away as well,” sources revealed.

“Travis was present at the birth and fully intends to honor his responsibilities,” spills the snitch. “Things are still up in the air in terms of custody and visitation, but Kylie is expecting Travis to pull his weight and contribute to the baby’s upkeep financially, which he’s promised to do.”

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“Travis has been so absent throughout the pregnancy, but through intermediates they’ve found a temporary compromise.”

As fans know, while Jenner was pregnant with the couple’s first child Scott was busy globetrotting to promote his music and was even spotted in a strip club!

“Kylie doesn’t trust Travis at all and she doesn’t need him to raise this baby,” the source told Radar exclusively at the time. “She does want to be with him, but only if he wants it and she has made this very clear to him.”

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True or False? A Look at Kim Kardashian’s Rumored Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian has endlessly batted away plastic surgery rumors since she became an pop culture icon.

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It’s true her looks have changed a bit through the years, as she’s matured and grown into a successful business woman, marrying her love, Kanye West, and becoming a mom to daughter North, son Saint and new baby girl Chicago. But she’s long denied ever going under the knife.

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has documented her beauty and skincare routines on the show as well as social media, from diets, to workouts, to dermatology visits to her favorite doctors. Plastic surgery experts have weighed in with Radar and given their two cents on what Kardashian may or may not have had done, but she has just laughed off the nose job, butt implants and other plastic surgery claims.

Here are some before and after pics of the Kim Kardashian, highlighting specific areas of her gorgeous physique, so you can decide: Did she or didn’t she?

The Bum Deal

The one area of Kardashian’s body that probably gets the most attention is her well-rounded behind—an asset she most assuredly loves to display in all its glory. She has shot down reports of silicon butt implants again and again and famously proved that point on an episode of KUWTK when an X-ray showed there were indeed no implants.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: There is, however, a procedure called a Brazilian butt lift, in which fat is taken from another area of the body and injected into the buttocks for a curvier backside, and it’s rumored this is what the reality TV star did.

What she says: Kardashian maintains her larger buttocks is due to having been pregnant twice and cortisone injections for psoriasis symptoms.

Bottom line (no pun intended): Kardashian’s sexy backside is still pretty amazing and is one of her signature assets. So what do you think, did she have some help?

Waistline’s Slimmer, No?

After giving birth to two children, Kardashian was reportedly eager to get her body back into shape fast by using diet, exercise—and maybe a little more.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: A source told Radar, “Kim has been using this brand-new procedure that basically injects heat into fat cells so that they are destroyed. She has lost a majority of her weight with this and with another injection therapy called Mesotherapy.” According to, “This is a process of injecting natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and homeopathic substances, or medications that can address the various contributing causes and thereby reduce cellulite. The series of tiny injections are placed intracutaneously, just under the surface of the skin.”

What she says: Kardashian has been open about skin-tightening procedures. She shared herself getting a “non-evasive” tummy tuck from her cosmetics dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourion on Snapchat in 2016. She snapped, “You guys I’m at Dr. Ourian’s—skin tightening,” adding a hashtag in the caption that read, “#hatehimnowlovehimlater.”

Bottom line: Kardashian rocks the hour-glass figure like it’s nobody’s business, but is it just chalked up to diet, skin tightening and a great workout routine or something else?

Possible Boob Job(s)

While no one ever would call Kardashian flat-chested in any universe, there has been a difference in size as she’s gotten older. This could also have something to do with having kids, but there are those pesky boob-job rumors.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: A Kim K insider revealed to Radar, “There’s a new injectable filler similar to Restylane that’s designed for body shaping. Kim uses it on her boobs and butt. It’s the reason why her breasts are so full right now…”

What she says: While the reality star hasn’t said anything specific about her breasts, she did once warn sister Khloé Kardashian not to get breast implants. Kim said on a 2016 episode of KUWTK. “I think Khloé doesn’t get how hard it is to workout when you really have big boobs bouncing around everywhere.” Yeah, that must be awful. Also, Kim had a laser treatment to remove stretch marks from her breasts (after kids).

Bottom line: Her cleavage continues to impress. Did she have any enhancements or is it just motherhood?

A Nose Tweak

Kim Kardashian’s nose definitely looks different in these before and after pics, slimmer and more refined, so naturally people question whether she’d had rhinoplasty.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Zara Harutyunyan of L.A.’s Cosmetic Rejuvenation—who also has not worked on Kim K—told Radar, “Overall, I suspect Kim has had a rhinoplasty to make her nose slimmer and the tip more pointy.”

What she says: Kardashian told Wonderland magazine in 2016, “People think I’ve had my nose done. I haven’t. I used to hate this bump on my nose. Hated it. Now I love that it makes me look more ethnic.” She does, however, understand where all the speculation might come from because she, too, thinks her nose looks smaller. Her answer? “Maybe it’s the contour I use.” That’s definitely one way to look at it.

Bottom line: Her nose does fit symmetrically with the face, so is it all about contouring or was it just a flawless nose job?

Fill Those Cheeks and Smooth Those Brows

The KUWTK star’s face has seemed a little fuller and more rounded in the last few years, sparking talk she has had fillers to give her face more definition and bring out those cheekbones.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Anthony Youn—prestigious plastic surgeon and founder of Youn Plastic Surgery (who also has not treated Kardashian)—told Radar, “I believe she’s undergone Botox injections to smooth the wrinkles of her forehead and her frown lines. Although I doubt she’s had a surgical brow lift, she looks like she’s had a Botox brow lift, where Botox is injected in a pattern to raise and arch the brows.”

What she says: The reality TV mogul has documented at least one Botox session in 2010 on KUWTK and has said she doesn’t consider Botox plastic surgery.

Bottom line: Botox isn’t like going under the knife, so she has a point. Was it more than that, though?

Keeping the Jawline and Chin Streamlined

Along with giving her cheeks a boost, the mom of three’s jawline and chin are also noticeably more angular.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Harutyunyan told Radar, “It looks like she’s had a chin augmentation using dermal fillers such as Radiesse, or Voluma. Kim is also most likely doing skin tightening procedures such as Ultherapy which is a nonsurgical face and neck lift…I suspect she has had Botox injections into her Masseter muscles, a very effective way to contour the jawline by reducing the masseter shadow through the outer jaw skin.”

What she says: The cosmetics mogul hasn’t said anything directly, but a source told OK! “She’s hated her ‘long’ face forever and has been slowly altering it over time, but she’s thrilled with her new jaw, which makes her cheekbones look more prominent.”

Bottom line: Makeup contouring or something more?

Plump Up Those Lips While You’re At It!

Much like her baby sister, Kylie Jenner, who has a whole cosmetic lip line, Kardashian loves to have a plump kisser and has definitely worked at it over the years.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: Dr. Youn commented to Radar, “Her lips appear to have been plumped with fillers, although she doesn’t sport the ‘trout pout‘ of some other reality stars.”

What she says: The selife queen also knows a good product when she sees it. In an Instagram post, she hyped Rodial Dragon’s Blood lip masks as a fairly inexpensive way to get fuller lips. “Thank you @rodialskincare @mrsrodial for the Rodial Dragons Blood Lip Masks, I love them.”

Bottom line: No, it’s not real dragon’s blood, but that would be hella cool, amirite?

Getting Rid of Those Baby Hairs

It also looks like Kardashian has gotten rid of those fine baby hairs around her hairline.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: How is it done? “The lasering process typically takes six sessions (more if the hair follicle is thicker) and each session is staggered between two and four weeks. The procedure itself is painless and done without any anaesthetic or painkiller,” said an expert.

What she says: The pop-culture princess fully admits to having permanently removed her baby hairs—and actually regrets doing it. On her website, she wrote in 2016, “I lasered my baby hairs off years ago, because my forehead had all these little baby hairs, and I would always break out because of them,” she said. “I also lasered my neck because I had such a hairy neck. Every photographer would photoshop them out anyway, and I thought I looked better without the baby hairs, but now I miss them. I think they look youthful! So ladies, you can always laser your hairline, but I miss mine,”

Bottom line: She misses them, but what do you think, better with or without?

Cure for Wrinkled Hands?

Oh, and there’s one more thing Kardashian wants fixed—she thinks her hands are too wrinkly. On an KUWTK episode last year, Kardashian and her bestie, Jonathan Cheban, visited Dr. Ourian’s office, and she sort of half-jokingly asked if something could be done to smooth out her hands.


Getty Images

What the professionals say: There is a non-evasive resurfacing procedure that can smooth hands and reduce pigment age spots, so it’s technically possible to do it. Read here for more information about it.

Bottom line: Kardashian is not be quite at that point of needing to make her hands look younger (since she’s still young herself), but should she hold onto that information for the future?

Let us know your two cents on whether Kim K has had plastic surgery or not in the comments below!

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Blac’s Revenge! Kim’s Nasty Valentine’s Day Stunt Spurred Chyna’s Vicious Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian’s “haters” Valentine’s Day stunt infuriated Blac Chyna so much that she lashed out at the family in her latest lawsuit battle with Rob Kardashian, his mom and sisters exclusively learned.

Chyna added Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner back in to the lawsuit against her baby daddy and his family in documents exclusively obtained by Radar, but the real reason behind the bold move was their sister Kim’s mean Valentine’s Day Gift.

“Chyna was furious when she got Kim’s perfume Valentine,” an insider snitched to Radar. “It was so rude of Kim to send that to her. Chyna was disgusted that she would be that condescending.”

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The candy box with the word BAE that Kim sent not only to Chyna but to her other “haters” Taylor Swift and Chloe Grace Moretz, enraged Chyna.

Chyna knows Kim is a petty b***h, she always has been. And this was it for her. She said she wasn’t going to hide the truth about how awful Rob’s whole family has been to her,” the source said.

“She has kept everything with the family to the court and hasn’t done anything on social media or anywhere else against the family, but this was low, even for them.”

So, Rob’s baby mama hit back with her lawsuit.

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“Chyna had tried to let all of the personal nasty things everyone had done to her not bother her, but she finally made the decision to stand up to the Kardashians and Jenners with all of the ammunition she had.”

In the court documents obtained by Radar, Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom listed all of the “false” statements “Defendants Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and/or their respective agents made,” about Chyna to E! execs to get them to cancel her show Rob & Chyna.

The sisters are clearly concerned and uncomfortable for [their] brother’s safety and the credibility of the brand at this point due to how they are both tarnishing it. We are even considering not moving forward with our show if theirs continues. That’s how strongly we feel this is damaging to our family,” Chyna’s lawyer claimed the family said about her client.

Chyna also claimed the wicked family said: “The only reason Chyna wants to be with my brother is for this show. She does not love Rob and their relationship is too fake and destructive. The public has been exposed to what a fake relationship they have and it’s embarrassing and makes us all look fake.”

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Rob’s family also allegedly said: “The show [Rob & Chyna] is giving this toxic woman money and exposure she lives and breathes for and by continuing it . . . [s]he will proceed with using and physically abusing my brother. Her association is detrimental to our family and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

The show was yanked from the network and Rob’s revenge porn rant spurred the series of lawsuits the two filed.

Stay with Radar for updates to the story.

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Birth Certificate Of Kylie Jenner’s Newborn Daughter Revealed

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s newborn daughter’s birth was the most anticipated of the year so far, and has obtained her birth certificate with all the details!

According to the document, the couple officially named their little girl Stormi Webster, but they skipped giving her a middle name.


Dr. Thais Aliabadi and the young couple officially welcomed little Stormi into the world on Feb. 1 at 4:43 p.m. at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

She weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs. 9 oz.

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As Radar previously reported, Jenner, 20, explained she wants to keep her introduction to motherhood “private” and she’s managed to remain incredibly low-key over the past few months.

“I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions,” Jenner recently wrote fans. “I understand you’re used to me bringing you along on all my journeys. My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world.”

Jenner’s 25-year-old rapper boyfriend’s mother, Wanda Webster, exclusively told Radar that while she wasn’t exactly “hiding” her son’s big news, she didn’t want to be the one to let the cat out of the bag.

“It wasn’t my place to say,” she said.

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Bad Boy Baby Daddy! Travis Scott Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct

Travis Scott may have just become a father to a beautiful baby girl, but just months ago, he was getting handcuffed for getting too wild at an outdoor concert! As has learned, the 25-year-old rapper was arrested for reportedly starting a riot during an Arkansas concert.

Scott “encouraged people to rush the stage and bypass security protocols to ensure concert goer safety,” Keith Foster, a spokesman for the Rogers Police Department told PEOPLE. “During the rush to the stage several people were injured, including an employee from the security company hired to help monitor and control the crowd, and a member of the police department. The injured subjects were treated at the AMP by members of the Rogers Fire Department and Mercy Medical.”

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He pled guilty to disorderly conduct and was set free just hour later.

According to his lawyer, Doug Norwood, Scott’s two charges were dismissed after his plea, this past January 2018. Since they were minor, they could eventually be erased form his record.

“They overcharged him,” Norwood told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “They tried to get him for inciting a riot. The video did not show any of that.”

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Kylie Jenner‘s baby daddy was required to pay $6,825.31 to two people who claimed they were injured at the concert, due to his riot. He also gave them $640 in court-associated costs.

As Radar readers know, Scott welcomed a baby girl with girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 20, this February 1.

“2.1.18 4 ever New rager in town. !!!” he tweeted after his daughter, Stormi Webster‘s birth.

the couple seems to be happy and in love, Radar recently learned that Jenner has set some intense rules for Scott now that he is a father. She’s even “hired a team of people to keep tabs on him.”

Do you think Kylie Jenner and her famous family are setting strict ruled for Travis Scott’s because of his arrest? Let us know below.

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Kris Confirms Kylie’s Baby’s Name! ‘Meet My Precious Granddaughter Stormi’

Kylie Jenner revealed she named her baby daughter Stormi and the little girl was instantly celebrated by her whole family.

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The 20-year-old new mom shared a picture of the five-day-old baby wearing pink with her hand wrapped around mommy’s finger and wrote “Stormi” with an angel emoji.

Fans swarmed with speculation whether the baby photographed was actually Kylie’s, or if it was the nickname for sister Kim’s new baby Chicago. But mom Kris Jenner immediately confirmed the news and gushed about Kylie’s new baby and the cute name.

“Meet my precious granddaughter Stormi! I love you endlessly,” Kris wrote on her Twitter account and shared the pic of the little girl.

Big sis Kim Kardashian Tweeted a simple storm cloud emoji, breaking the internet again with the baby name reveal!

Kylie shared an intimate home video of her pregnancy and birth, which happened on February 1, 2018.

“I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions. I understand you’re used to me bringing you along on all my journeys,” she wrote. “My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world.”

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Stormi joined cousins Mason, Penelope and Reign Disick, North, Saint and Chicago West and Dream Kardashian, with Khloe Karadashian’s baby the next one to come!

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